One Stop Shop for All of Your Forestry and Timber Needs

Heron Timber performs operations for landowners needing quality thinning, clearcuts, or projects of greater intricacies needing more technical expertise. We are capable of doing work in areas of 5 acres and greater. Our business structure allows us to be able to complete all permitting, technical forestry management practices, harvest operations, merchandising, and post harvest care of your property.


Technical Forestry/Silviculture

Forestry involves the science, business, art, and practice of purposefully organizing, managing, and using forests and their resources to benefit people. Silviculture deals with the methods for establishing and maintaining healthy communities of trees and other vegetation that have value to people. (Silviculture Concepts and Applications. Nyland, R 2002) By utilizing these skills we are able to create a “high yielding” product for the landowner whether that be a more aesthetic/holistic approach to their lands or a monetary stance. This ability allows us to examine the big picture pros and cons to each operation.


A very crucial part to a better ecosystem and earth as a whole is replanting what we cut down. By state law and best management practices we are required once certain thresholds are met to replant after a harvest. That can be a very daunting task to landowners; that is why we can take care of the replanting for you. Before every harvest is started we review with the landowners if they will need to replant. During this time they can elect to tackle that process themselves or have Heron Timber administer it and complete it when the time is right.

Harvest Operations

Heron Timber performs all of its own logging operations. Our specialty is thinning but we will perform clearcuts as necessary. Typically we perform all of our ground based operations during the summer when soil conditions are favorable and during the winter we complete all of our skyline contracts when operations on the ground are a bit more sensitive. This structure also flows well with Heron Ag (Heron Agriculture) and its farming operations. Because of this we are able to keep all employees working year round whether it be logging or working on the farm for our sustainable cattle operation.


Many non-industrial tracts of land are not well established for modern day harvesting operations. Before a harvest can begin roads and landings need to be constructed. During the summer months our roadbuilding crew is out constructing roads for our future logging projects. Providing this task in house also alleviates additional tasks that a landowner would have to take on potentially by themselves or have others do for them. In addition to putting in roads for a harvest we can also take them out once completed if it is something the landowner would like done.

Slash Treatment/Fuels Reduction

Not all tracts of land are cleaned up well enough after harvest and some have just grown out of control but have no timber ready for harvest. Fear not, we can help with that as well. Whether it be site preparation for replanting or fuels reduction of encroaching vegetation, there are several methods of overcoming this hurdle. Depending on your situation and preference we are able to meet with you and discuss all the potential options.

Management Planning

Combining all of our skill sets and technical ability we can and will compile a management plan for your timberlands. Forests are on a much longer time frame than most people conceptualize with in today’s society. Putting a plan together creates a living document that can be passed down from generation to generation that keeps the goals for that specific forest in mind and adapts to the changing ecosystem. In addition, creating a plan sets the landowner up for being part of organizations such as the American Tree Farm System (ATFS) which has a legacy of helping landowners stay on top of Best Management Practices (BMP’s) and continuing a long term sustainable forest ecosystem for the benefit of all.




In 2011 I took a giant leap and left my career at Boise Cascade and started my own company at the age of 24. At this time the economy was still working its way out of the Great Recession and I knew starting a business was a huge risk. Despite the risk I saw a lot of opportunity to create a service for a group of people who were being overlooked by the industry and create a chance for me to do what I loved for a living. 

Heron Timber, 8130 Harmony Rd., Sheridan, Oregon 97378, Technical Forestry/Silviculture, Replanting, Roadbuilding, Slash Treatment/Fuels Reduction, Management Planning


Heron Timber, 8130 Harmony Rd., Sheridan, Oregon 97378, Technical Forestry/Silviculture, Replanting, Roadbuilding, Slash Treatment/Fuels Reduction, Management Planning


Heron Timber operates in a 60 air mile radius from Sheridan Or. Despite that range, we will go further depending on the job. however, it is our goal to create a workplace in which our employees can be home most every night to be able to do what is important to them.

Per my sellout agreement my eastern operating boundary ends at the western and southern boundary of the Mt. Hood National Forest.


  • Began business at the very end of 2011 when the economy was still in the recession.
  • In 2013 earned a merit award from Oregon Department of Forestry for our good work in Eastern Oregon.
  • In 2014 earned another merit award for our work along Hwy 101 on Gardiner Hill.
  • In 2015 earned Eastern Oregon Operator of the Year award for our work in the town of Mosier.
  • Since 2012 we have replanted 450,000 seedlings including inside of The Dalles watershed after the Government Flats fire.


  • City of Mosier Restoration project after Ips beetle epidemic.
  • ODOT Hwy 101 Gardiner Hill project.
  • ODOT Hwy 245 Dooley Mountain post fire salvage logging.
  • Performed the first ever commercial timber sale in the Gilcrest State Forest.
  • Commercially thinned a timber stand to make way for the future Nisqually State Park in Eatonville Washington.
  • Performed many “urban logging” contracts in the Hood River area during the Ips beetle outbreak.


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    AOL member including professional logger accredited
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    American Tree Farm System – inspecting forester
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    Oregon Forest Resource Institute – Board Member